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7 Commonly Asked Questions about Colombian women
Comparing apples to oranges

One of the biggest challenges I have as an agency owner, is explaining and educating our clients about the social dynamics and cultural diversities in Latin American culture as it relates to the psychology and temperament of Latina young ladies and how this diversity and dynamic in the (Latina mindset) consequently effects an aspiring and intimate relationship between American men and women from South America.

Understanding the complete mental concept, that the mentality of Colombian women is completely diverse (different) than that of their American counter part is essential in interpreting these women and the potential for genuine compatibility in a relationship.

As Americans we are usually only familiar with what we have been exposed to from our immediate circumstances and environment that we derived from our youth, our perception about women in general is “American standardized”, through association with our mothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, secular occupations and platonic relationships, etc; Over the many years of our existence by “social intercourse” and “relationship experiences” with the opposite sex, we have formulated thoughts, opinions and various logical concepts, be they true or false about the behavioral traits and the psychology of a women’s emotions and intelligence. However when it comes to meeting, dating and understanding Colombian women, the “American standardization” or concept of woman does not readily apply. Colombian women derive from a different geographical location or South America, a different culture and social demographic. When I initially began to travel to Colombia in search of love and companionship, I didn’t understand this concept from a psychological or mental stand point because I was overwhelmed with their psychical attractiveness, I made the inadvertent mistake of approaching them with the “American standard” or concept about women in my mind and psychology but when I actually experienced both social and intimate communication or interaction with them, I came to an epiphany that these women are drastically different not only physically but psychologically even more so. Therefore when you attempt to establish communication and relationships with South American women abroad always, do not impute the “American standard” and concept about women in general, keep a healthy level of mental understanding and discretion in your logical thinking or approach, it will be most instrumental in your sincere attempt to build a fruitful relationship. Equivocally comparing American women to Latin women is like comparing “apples to oranges“, it is just not practical nor applicable, they are two different pedigrees altogether and they are neither parenthetical nor synonymous to each other, everything you think you know and have learned about women from childhood must go out the window when relating to Colombian women, always keep an open mind and be objective because the rules for relationships and communication pertaining to American women emphatically do not apply to Colombian women.

1. Can an older man and a Colombian woman be compatible in love or marriage?

In my opinion absolutely yes! but before we discuss this question remember the rule of thumb and disengage the “American standard” or concept of love and compatibility and apply the Colombian social-cultural idealism, don’t compare “apples to oranges” or your interpretation of the matter will be skewed, especially regarding this controversial issue because the standard of a Colombian woman’s perspective is not equivocal to that of an American woman’s ideal. In Latin culture it is socially practiced and acceptable for younger women to have courtships and marriage with men much older than they are, the sociological coined phrase is “the social norm”. In America unless a man is rich or famous you don’t normally see this activity, in America it is unusual for younger women to so much as have a platonic conversation with an older man let a lone an intimate relationship with him! Colombian women in general are deeply rooted and grounded in the Judeo Christian ethic about matrimony, the culture is primitive and economically oppressed and relationships, friendships and marriage are paramount or preferred to materialism and professionalism. Latin women are routinely more “passive acceptant” and flexible regarding the age of older men, When a Colombian woman commits to marriage or a relationship with men greater their senior, it is not necessarily out of desperation, the desire for a visa or a “marriage of convenience“, its simply because they are acclimated to this “social norm” from birth and within their Hispanic culture and environment. In reality when a Colombian woman establishes a relationship with an older gentlemen, she has both the emotional maturity or mental capacity to regard her spouse and relationship with both acceptance, affection and reference. Subjectively thinking, in many ways in a Colombian woman’s mind, its as if she is dating some one her very same age they are she is completely indifferent about this issue! a person once told me in an airport, “its about mind over matter, if they don’t mind then why should it matter”.

2. Will she leave me after she gets a VISA?

The INS law states that if a young lady sponsored on a fiancé visa leaves or divorces before 5 years of marriage age and cohabitation, she must return to her native land or be declared an illegal alien and deported back to her country of origin, this legal statue negates 99.9 per cent of any possible fraudulent activity, capability or even contemplation by an in sincere young lady seeking to exploit you for American citizenship or a (green card shark).

3. Non-marriage relationships and significant others

From a biblical perspective in ancient history civilization and past, God was permissive and allowed men and women to practice polygamy and a man had a legitimate right to own concubines, but why? this seems degrading, chauvinistic and misogamistic toward women! even enslavement! Many biblical scholars believe that Gods permissive will and allowed this social activity for two distinct reasons, the first was not so that men could have as many women in their (hair am) as they could fit or exploit women as in adamant sexual objects they could own like a car! (1) women by world population have always vastly out numbered men by at least 7 to 1 and historically there has never been enough available men to account for the influx of women in the world population (2) women were subjected to a chauvinistic male dominated culture and extreme degradation, primarily based on their sexual gender, often mistreated and classified as (second class citizens), they were systematically held in contempt and deprived of all social, political, economical, and professional rights, there were no civil or sexual discrimination laws that protected their essential interests from employment discrimination and in opportunities, likewise there was no welfare system, food cards, section 8, Medicare, domestic violence laws, equal division of marital assets upon divorce, a woman did not even have the right to divorce a man but if a woman messed up one meal the man had a legitimate right to say I divorce you 3 times and the marriage was terminated! this historical fact was called “the law of burnt bread“. Therefore without the convenience that our modern women have the privileges of, it was essential and almost imperative that ancient women joined themselves to a man as his wife or concubine and shared the same spouse just for basic livelihood and support. Today, Colombia culturally, to some degree is still very primitive and chauvinistic. Women routinely share the same spouse or boyfriend it is the “social norm”, of course the only other alternative is if she has a strong will, just remain celibate. So if you are asking the question if Colombian women are passive acceptant about being involved in a non-marriage relationship? the answer again is yes! there are so many beautiful women in Colombia that even the most physically attractive women have a difficult time securing a man to be her boyfriend let alone marriage! the competition amongst women for a suitable mate is so fierce, that it is almost an impossibility to achieve marriage. As beautiful as these women are Colombian men casually over look them and refuse to marry them! Consequently Colombian women suffer from what I have termed “relationship deprivation”. Because of the dilemma created by adverse social and economical circumstances, the “situational ethics” rule applies to Colombian women as it did in ancient culture and civilization. The perfect ideal would be marriage but “situational ethics” often prohibits this. As with dating and marrying older men it is the “social norm”, and most Colombian women just resign to the fact that they are not the only woman in a relationship with a man, the wives’ often accept the fact their husbands have other girlfriends and the single women that have boyfriends accept the fact that their boyfriends have wives‘, so yes Colombian women can be content in a non-marriage relationship or if you just regard them as your “significant other”, they not only accept it as a fact of life they expect it. Personally I am indifferent regarding this issue but what ever two consenting adults agree on and accept, that is a personal relationship covenant between them and my name is Bennet and I ain’t in it! Therefore it is of my professional opinion even though they deserve better Colombian women can be content, function and be perfectly happy in a non-marriage relationship.

4. If I bring her to the U.S. will she change and adapt the American woman mentality?

Another concern that many gentlemen have when contemplating bringing back a spouse from abroad, is once she gets here will she assimilate to our American culture or be “American standardized” in her ideals, thinking and mannerisms. I do not have a crystal ball, and no agency owner can say these women come with guarantees, I say that because I have actually heard it and read it before! I have more integrity than to promise clients benefits about Colombian women that I cannot control or regulate. All human beings have the propensity to be volatile or change and I guess to some degree they can change given a certain set of circumstances, however the social culture and background play a significant role in weighing this relevant issue, first as we already discussed Colombian women come from a culture that is rooted and grounded in the Judeo Christian ethic and the concept of matrimony, thus Latin women have a heritage of core family value structured or in grafted in to their dogmatism (thinking) and expectations about love, relationships and marriage. Conclusion I cannot say that a Colombian woman won’t change once she hits American soil but I can confidently state that with their indoctrination and inner fortitude based on the fundamentals of marriage and Christian principles, the relationship has a greater degree of probability for longevity and success than a normal marriage imitated from within the US.

5. Why do some Colombian women ask for money?

In my 7 years on experiencing relationships with Colombian women, I can confidently say most are not out to exploit you financially but what’s confusing is that a lot of Colombian women are not shy or reluctant about asking for money either! now I know that sounds like a complete contradiction but I will amplify my statement. There is a vast difference between a woman that is a materialistic gold-digger and one that seeks financial assistance for the necessity of life, Colombia is a two tier society you have the extreme wealthy and the oppressed and impoverished, there is virtually no middle class, you have “the haves and the have not’s” period. Reiterating what I said earlier in our discussion, referencing the disenfranchisement of a Colombian women’s or their social and economical stratification, where there is no welfare system, food cards, social security, section 8, unemployment benefits, even the most beautiful women are confined to joblessness and employment deprivation in Colombia. In America beautiful women are entitled to a special coddling from our society in general but in Colombia that rule does not apply to beauty, its comparing “apples to oranges” again. Therefore poverty is indiscriminate towards Colombian women even if she is extremely young beautiful and attractive, could you ever imagine a young lady that looked like Beyonce Knowles or Angeline Jollie at welfare status or only capable of acquiring a minimum wage job if she is fortunate? (minimum wage in Colombia is $150 a month) but that’s picturesque of the social landscape in Colombia! hard to believe but I am not being sarcastic and it’s the gospel truth. The reason I am stating this is because I want you to keep everything in perspective and don’t get alarmed or bent out of shape if a young lady petitions you for money, this does not necessarily mean she is a selfish woman or a money grubbing gold digger. This begs the question, how do I know if she is sincere about a relationship or just after my money? this can be discerned by a simple test or evaluation, if you say no to her request or “not right now baby” and her level of interest and communication seems to dissipate or cease, that’s a red flag, dump her like the plague! But if you refuse her or ask her to wait and she continues to e-mails you and correspond with you, with a reasonable degree tentativeness and intimacy, you might have a keeper! I am saying this because I see the adverse economical/ social condition these women are subjected too on a continuum bases and it is not always advantageous to be critical of someone else’s plight or circumstances when you don’t know or completely understand them through personal experiences. Jesus “said judge not less you be judged” the Greek word is “critos”, where we get the word “critical”, so he was essentially saying don’t be to critical about others, its not always the best scientific way to evaluate another persons character or intentions. Likewise as an agency owner, I personally feel obligated and responsible to disclose any character flaws and apprehensions about Colombian women as well as their good qualities, there is an old adage that says “that every rose has a thorn” and this has been the one particular negative aspect about Colombian women that seems to concern people, having familiarized myself with this vast Caribbean culture, I have personally made a conscious decision to over look some of these deficiency about money to a certain degree, as a 50 year old man I have realized by conventional wisdom that there is no such thing as a perfect women or any other person for that matter in this entire world, its like chasing a pink elephant. The best scenario when contemplating marriage or a relationship with a Colombian woman is “just to do the math”, therefore if you come up with 9 out of 10 or 8 out of 10 good qualities for a computation ratio of about 80%, your good! Colombian women’s good qualities far out weigh and exceed that which is bad or inappropriate about them, from this perspective this issue about money is marginal in comparison to the many other positive virtues they possess and yes in certain circumstances, it is more expedient to over look this particular idiosyncrasy. However every man has his threshold of tolerance and acceptance, some might consider this behavior inexcusable and inappropriate as where others may exercise leniency and passiveness, this is a personal and discretionary issue. Finally one must consider both the option and reality, that if you were to remove a Colombian woman from the dregs of her societal and economical misfortunes that she has congenitally been subjected to all her life and in turn consequently afford her the same economical opportunities and social advantages we have the rights and privileges of in America, could she assimilate and adapt to our culture and change for the better? haven been exposed too or given a window of opportunity to flourish in America and if given a single chance, a Colombian woman given access to the prosperity in our country, might fare very well and be a supportive spouse instead of a constant liability, likewise this money thing might disappear altogether and not even be an issue in your relationship once she arrives in the U.S. and she has an equal level of stratus and opportunity but this all depends solely on your level of concern and optimism about the hypothetical situation.

6. Do Colombian women discriminate about race and color?

In my 7 years of traveling to this particular region of Colombia and discharging my vocation as an agency owner, I have virtually never seen blatant or dormant racism with in the character or mannerism of Colombian women, racism appears to be non-existent here. The average Colombian woman does not seem to be to preoccupied with the race or color of a man, only if that man, be he blue, red or purple treats her with affection and respect, as a matter of fact if a man was purple or red and treated her with admiration and support she would probably maintain a relationship or marry him! just like Martin Luther King said “do not judge by the color of skin but by the content of character”, this is the racial disposition of Colombian women in general. Colombian women here are destitute and subject to a variety of relationship abuses, the suffrage that they have been subjected to socially and culturally have refined their character, like pressure refines coal and makes diamonds, these beautiful diamonds often reflect humility, respect, affection in their genuine personalities. I can say with the utmost confidence that I have never seen a Colombian woman’s attitude or character tainted with the malady of racism, selective favoritism or preference with regards to ones nationality or race. I am sure that Colombian women have physical characteristics they prefer in a man, like height, muscles, eyes and skin color but doesn’t everybody? but in my honest opinion their preferences are not established on the grounds of race or national origin. Colombian women are not complicated in character, it does not take much to please them emotionally, they are very simplistic in nature and appreciate the simplistic things about life and people, they have suffered immensely from “relationship deprivation” and they will literally appreciate a man that is good to them no matter what race, age or color he is! just give her your affection and quality time, treat her with respect and a little monetary assistance and watch your relationship blossom into fruition.

7. Is the possibility of marrying a beautiful Colombian woman, just a fantasy?

In the early 60s there was a hit song that said “if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, than you better get your self an ugly wife”, that may be a valid cliché by the “American standard” but it’s a complete error and fallacy of thinking when you come down to South America. In Colombia there is a plethora of beautiful women just about everywhere you go all day everyday! they are in the malls, the grocery stores, walking downtown, you can’t walk down the street or outside your apartment without running into one literally! The quantity of beautiful women in Cartagena is so massive that unless you are here and visually experience this, it is beyond human comprehension or understanding, I have tried to verbally express it to my clients many times but it always seems like I have inadequate wording and illustrations when I attempt convey the truth about this experience, there are simply not enough words in the English language to articulate the volume of beautiful women here in Colombia. Cartagena is the land of good and plenty, in the Bruce Willis movie “The sixth sense“, a child actor said; “There are dead people everywhere and they don’t even know they are dead“, well in Colombia there are beautiful women everywhere and they don’t even know they are beautiful! These women are so innumerous in quantity that it is counter productive too the extent that they actually neutralize or devaluate the quality of their own personal beauty and physical attractiveness! I kid you not the women of Cartagena are not even cognizant or realize the magnitude of their own significant value and worth nor do they comprehend how physically beautiful and attractive they actually are in person because there are so many other women with equal too or even greater beauty and physical attractiveness. A good analogy would be, if a man pulls in a parking lot with a Porsche he becomes the spectacle of attention and object of everyone’s desire but if he pulls in a parking lot where there is 100 other Porsches, he now becomes irrelevant and garden variety, so is the parity in physical attractiveness amongst beautiful women from Cartagena. Colombia’s depressed economy coupled with the unequivocal in balance of women to men ratio, about 10 to 1, heightens the opportunity and potential for virtually any man to come to Colombia and find love and romance. Not only do elderly men have an opportunity despite the vast age difference between men and women, likewise it is opportunistic for men that have much to be desired with regard physical appearance and physic, yes even they too can be successful in Colombia! the center of discussion is usually about the unequivocal age of the man to a woman but the truth of the matter is the same rule is applicable to a man that lacks parity in physical appearance with a beautiful Latina young lady, I am convinced that the storyline and plot for “Beauty and the Beast” originated here in Colombia! Yes! even if you are 42 year old divorcee, not much to look at facially with a pot belly! here you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington to haven opportunity to date and have romance with a beautiful young lady. Colombian women are not as selective, particular or discriminative as American women can be, most of them derive from humble beings largely due to their lower social and economical status they are subjected too and although they are physically attractive, it does not propagate an attitude of arrogance and conceit in their perspective personalities as this negative attribute is often characteristic in beautiful American women. One person said that marriage agencies just create “fantasies and dreams in their and customers minds”, I refuted and replied that “We don’t create fantasies but we do encourage people to have dreams” It is very important to understand the distinct but separate definition between these two words “fantasies” and “dreams” because they are closely related to each other and often confused as the same word but they are not identical by specific meaning or definition. By literal definition the word fantasy is something that is make believe, fictional and unrealistic, like the story of Peter Pan, however the word “dream” by correct definition, is more of a hope, an aspiration, a mental vision with a desire in focus that you may eventually obtain or achieve. A good example of a dreamer was, Dr. Martin Luther Kings who dreamed of racial equality and civil rights, in the early 60s when the civil rights movement was birthed and faced extreme adversity and opposition, racism and inequality were both prevalent and pervasive but when he gave his famous “I have a dream” speech,(remember his prophetic words) “I might not get there with you but we as a people will make it to the promise land” the goal then was not yet obtained in his contemporary day and time but fast forwarded to the year 2009, and we now have an African American president 40 years later because of Dr. Kings visions and dream. So fantasies are pseudo and false hopes with no substance but dreams are realities, desirable situations and tangible objects that you can actually believe and eventually obtain or achieve. The bible says “faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen”, the same way Dr. King dreamed that one day society in spite of the contrary in his contemporary day would be a better society for all people with regard to racial justice and equality and eventually many other doors of opportunities have been opened for minorities and women because of his dreams. Dreams basically are goals, ambitions that are obtainable through vision, hope, desire and perseverance, a young man or young lady is in a college dormitory studying diligently with the hope and aspiration of becoming a doctor or a lawyer upon graduation, likewise many of us have had dreams of obtaining a dream car, a or a dream home. We all need dreams for without them we lose incentive about life and we become complacent and have no purpose in life. With every dream there is the risk of failure but we must venture and follow our dreams with or without fear, for without dreams we lose interest in the very meaning of life and have nothing essential to strive or live for and consequently we will both live and die in vain and obscurity. Recently we had a gentleman with a disfigured face come to Cartagena, he was lonely, very insecure and self conscious about his facial appearance but he had the intrepidness (courage) in his will and determination in his character to venture out on blind faith and pursue his dream to meet someone special in spite of his disability and unattractiveness, eventually he actually found someone that accepted him in spite of his lack of physical experience and he left Cartagena very happy with the hope and opportunity of a dream being fulfilled. Colombian women because of their exotic physical attractiveness and humility in spirit can make almost any mans dreams for love and marriage come true!

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