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"The finest women from the romantic Caribbean city of Cartagena"
Our introduction tour service
The exclusive Amor De Cartagena (tri-optional) Latin introduction system
Our exclusive website - The first viable resource that we utilize in our Latin Introduction service, is our exclusive website, showcasing 1000 of the most beautiful women from the Cartagena/ Barranquilla area. With the purchase of our "Latin Introduction singles vacation tour", you will receive a one years subscription with both unlimited access and unlimited introductions too any available women on our website and the new subsequent photos and profiles as we routinely update, we add approximately 200 new available women annually and you will be privileged with first considerations to the latest bachelorettes featured on our website.

Our exclusive expanded tour guide/translation service- We don't need a data base with 5,000 women, we have the entire Cartagena/ Barranquilla area, with a combined population of over 5 million! at our immediate disposal! Included in the price of our "Latin introduction singles vacation tour", you will be designated with your own personal tour guide/ translator for 7 days, this gives us the greater flexibility to create more impromptu or spontaneous introduction opportunities on your behalf while you are vacationing and touring the Romantic city of Cartagena, Our knowledgeable tour guides know exactly where the most popular disco techs are with a super abundance of available young women, likewise professional and educated women in the commercial and University areas of downtown El Centro, casual meeting places in the malls, various plazas, beaches, parks, Churches, the various barrios in the Cartagena and even the close the friends and cousins that are personally related to our customer friendly tour guides.

FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FACE BOOK Un like conventional websites and marriage agencies, Amor De Cartagena is not constricted to the volume of women featured on our website. When you personally vacation in the city of Cartagena on our exclusive Latin introduction tour, we can also provide alternative Latin introduction opportunities with the cordial "locals of Cartagena". We are all familiar with the coined phrase "social networking" twitter, face book, etc, well Amor De Cartagena has an expanded Latin introduction service that to includes "social networking", a growing network and community of FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FACE BOOK "Our extended family". This unconventional and unique approach to Latin introduction is a social network of "local Cartagenians", with the objective in mind to assist you in finding someone special! This is how you get started, after you complete our customer questionnaire and we better understand your personal profile and the proto type of the young lady you are compatible with and searching for, our local network team can place our clients in personal contact with young ladies that meet your criteria through the instrumentation and network of family, friends and face book contacts. Why is "local networking" both innovative and important?, There are even more beautiful and available women in Cartagena than featured on websites?, some young ladies are modest about placing their photos and personal information on websites but they would still like to have the opportunity to be romantic and meet someone sincere. With this is a creative and innovative approach, the young ladies can affiliate themselves with our agency and present themselves for Latin introduction but with privacy and discretion, this concept is essential and important because it gives our clients and the young ladies a greater latitude of volume and quality in Latin Introduction experience!
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