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"The finest women from the romantic Caribbean city of Cartagena"
About Us
We are not an illegal escort service!
Clandestinely operating under the deceptive veneer of a dating or marriage agency, these are sincere and virtuous beautiful women, seeking true love, romance and marriage, the kindred affection in their wonderful personalities and character are as equivocally beautiful as their sexy, attractive Latin physical appearance.

Mark Anthony
Amor De Cartagena
Mark Anthonys approach to Latin Introduction
Amor De Cartagena is my "Managing satisfaction!" our number one goal is customer satisfaction, My objective is to know and assist the individual needs of each customer because I understand personal needs often vary dramatically from one person to another. I am confident that we can provide you with a Latin introduction service that is inexpensive in price but not cheap in quality!. In my vocation, I utilize the personable approach to our managerial service, I am always accessible to provide you with any information or consultation you may need to assist you in your pursuit for romance and happiness. For 7 years I have owned a second home in the city of Cartagena and I have a comprehensive knowledge of both the city and its vast hispanic culture.

Mark Anthonys persepective on Latina women
I have had the personal experience and opportunity of dating and befriending the beautiful women from this Caribbean culture. Therefore, if you ask me for advice or consultation with anything pertaining to Cartagena, I am referencing my years of educated experience, and not stigmatism's about this prominent city. Likewise I know that this wonderful city is fertile with opportunity for romance and companionship. I am convinced that the city of Cartagena is the best-kept secret for the modern single men looking for romance or marriage. All too many times, we look for the right woman in the wrong culture. The temperament and psychology of Latin women from this particular culture is completely diverse from that of contemporary American culture or what you may have already experienced or been exposed too. I have found them to be very loving, affectionate and feminine women, they have traditional family core values like charity, loyalty and respect. Latina women are appreciative of the simplistic things in life that we self-centered Americans have a tendency to take for granted. please feel a liberty to call me!, and I will do my best to help you make an educated and informed decision about finding someone you can be compatible with. Thank you for visiting our web site. Comeback again for our routine photo gallery updates and personalized listing of the most eligible bachelorettes and finest women from the romantic Caribbean city of Cartegena.
Mark Anthony
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Cellular- (330) 501-0352
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Cartagena Condos- (011) 575-664-8145
Email- mark@amordecartagena.com or markanthony37@sbcglobal.net

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