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Latin Mail Order Brides? Colombian Women Looking For Marriage, Dating & Romance
Visit Them In the Lovely Romantic City of Cartagena , Colombia
Amor de Cartagena is a Latin mail order brides introduction and Latin dating site featuring beautiful Latin women from the romantic South American city of Cartagena, Colombia . Our matchmaking agency has Colombian girls and Latin women seeking companionship, dating and potential marriage. Is your future Latin bride and wife here in the picturesque city of Cartagena?

Latin mail order brides is a common misnomer used to describe our Latin singles dating service. Our agency provides online gallery photos of Latin ladies seeking dating and marriage. In addition, we also provide introductions, assistance with communication, written and telephone translations and best of all singles vacation tours to Cartagena.


The finest women from the romantic Caribbean City

Please review our Latin Ladies Gallery and contact us with questions or to set up an introduction by telephone or email. Our services include Spanish translation when necessary and when you are ready we have created a seven day singles vacation package to Cartagena which includes your own personal tour guide and translator. If you have a fetish for Latin girls and looking for a premiere Colombian marriage agency or South American marriage agency that offers both selectivity and the genuine qualities of exotic looking and physically attractive Latin women, Amor De Cartagena is your one stop search for your future South American mail-order brides!. We uncompromisingly have the widest selection and most beautiful South American women in the world! just visit our website and discover the possibilities of being in a blissful relationship with a beautiful and virtuous Colombian wife.

Latin Dating Agency Services

Amor De Cartagena is a popular and well respected Latin Dating Agency that specializes in matchmaking and relationships with Colombian women interested in marriage. Our agency is based in the coastal Caribbean city of Cartagena, Colombia . Our service provides American men with introductions to beautiful Latin women for dating and marriage. We offer services that include email, telephone communications, translations, vacation packages and Cartagena tour guide services. Amor De Cartagena is a leader in this industry and is widely known and respected to have the most beautiful Colombian women. Learn more – Latin Dating Agency.

Cartagena Guide

Amor De Cartagena offers Cartagena tours and guide services. Our comprehensive directory, features a variety of popular restaurants, major tourist attractions, disco techs, Rosario Island tours and recreational sports such as golfing, fishing, deep sea diving. Also for your convenience we include contact information for qualified medical professions and component real-estate agents for those interested in acquiring investment properties. Be sure to view our online video to see Cartagena’s most popular tourist and cultural attractions. Learn more – Cartagena Guide.

About Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is quickly becoming the most popular South American tourist destination. It is widely regarded and recognized as "baby Brazil" because of its similar social and cultural demographics, beautiful Caribbean beaches and Latin atmosphere. This romantic and enchanting city has an exotic Caribbean back drop, tropical environment with inviting sugar white sandy beaches, palm trees, aqua Velva blue Ocean water. The most popular tourist attraction is the historic/preservation of ancient Cartagena or the cultural icon known as "the Old City". The Old city or "El Centro" has a majestic presence that is unparallel to any other major tourist destination. The Caribbean people and beautiful Latin women from this region of South America are an exotic bronze complexion or in Spanish "canella" the word for cinnamon. Learn more – About Cartagena.

Rates and Payments

Our website "rates and payment page" has quick and easy pay pal buttons options so you can simply and easily navigate through our website and use your credit card or debit card also our website is "Verisign protected" for both fraud or identity theft. We a have a business address for clients that find it more convenient and safe to make payment by Western Union or personal check. The cost of our Latin introduction Tour package is very modest in comparison to other agencies premium and costs; we have made a Latin introduction tour/ vacation affordable to the common guy! what our tour package offers in terms of quality and service has a greater momentary than its initial worth or true market value but we feel money should not stand in the way of love and happiness! If you have done a basic Google research, you will discover that other websites and agencies have an average cost of about $1,500 to $1,700 for a 4 or 5 day tour but we have made romance both economical and affordable with our customer friendly rates at just $550!, with most other agencies you must pay subsequent or hidden cost for translator fees, usually adding an additional cost of about $300 a week to an already expensive tour package, but with Amor De Cartagena's upfront pricing, we will designate for your personal convenience and assistance a trained qualified bi-lingual personal assistant to conduct as any and as many introductions or translations as you feel necessary at your discretion with no extra cost! Learn more – Rates & Payments.

Latin Women Photo Gallery

Our exclusive Latin women photo galleries feature some of the most beautiful Colombian women from the romantic Caribbean city of Cartagena and Barranquilla period! Many satisfied customers seem to feel that our selection of beautiful Latin women are comparable and rival beautiful Brazilian women!

All Columbian Women Photographed In Our Offices – Beware of Fake Galleries

It is not uncommon for our competitors to stock their websites with photos of Latin models, "glamour shots", young ladies photos they were taken from the internet and Facebook. At Amor De Cartagena we take two original photos of each young Colombian girl in our local Cartagena office. In addition each Latina woman provides us with her own original profile and self description. This way you can distinguish the authenticity of each young lady’s photo and have the utmost confidence that we actually know our women personally and can present them in person for live introductions. Integrity is an absolute in our industry and your satisfaction is our goal. Latin Woman Galleries.

Our Tour Service

Our innovative approach to Latin introduction can be described as unconventional, but effective. Our process begins with a customer questionnaire, first we give you the opportunity to describe the prototypical physical appearance and personality in a young lady you are hoping to meet, then we focus on selectivity, we will arrange a personal conference with you by phone and create a list of available young Colombian women based on your personal preferences and selections and our professional recommendations citing the specific qualities and attributes you described in your customer questionnaire. Upon request we will furnish you with any e-mails, cell phone or contact information prior to your trip. When you decide to utilize our service we will contact the young ladies by phone prior to your arrival. This efficient system is proactive when arranging and coordinating various introductions. Our personal Latin Introduction tour package, is only $550, with this price you get a full one year membership and service for requesting various e-mail/ telephone contacts, complete with technical support if the addresses and phone numbers fail. Also when you come to Cartagena in person, we will designate to you a bi-lingual personal assistant/ translator that has complete and comprehensive data base control of all the various women on our website and women that are affiliated with our agency but not on the website. Most agencies or websites charge an average is $1,500 to $1,700 for 4 or 5 days and you are obligated to pay extra for translation fees about $20 per hour on average, we are committed to you a full 7 days with unlimited translations and introduction. Amor De Cartagena updates our website 4 times annually with exclusive, Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall editions or about 100 new young ladies quarterly complete with photos and profiles, approximately 400 new ladies in addition to the young 800 ladies we are currently show case on our website. Learn more – Latin Tour Services.

Spanish Translation Service

Amor De Cartagena offers our exclusive clients a premium discount telephonic Spanish translation service with intimate and romantic interest. Telephonic translation services in times past were routinely very expensive, largely due to the expense involved in international calling rates to foreign country. When calling internationally, you are actually paying for 2 international calls at one time in addition to a translators fee for a total expense of about $70 for just a half an hour conversation! Because of the expense involved in international calling most people resorted to just E-mailing, but a warm pleasant voice and a live conversation is much more stimulating, personable and intimate than corresponding by e-mail. Now you can experience the intimacy of conversing with a lovely Latina woman at an affordable price! It’s simple and convenient, just pay a nominal fee of $15 and give us the telephone number and general information of the young lady you are communicating with and our communication specialist will take the initiative to contact her on your behalf and coordinate an appointment for an exclusive the 3-way conversation at your selected time and convenience. Free international calling! when you utilize Amor De Cartagena's exclusive 3-way telephone exclusive communication service. No more shocking telephone bills and overages due to expensive long distance and international charges, no need to buy phone cards anymore. Just pay nominal fee of $15 on our website with your credit card or debit card and our courteous bi-lingual communication specialist will assist you in experiencing an intimate 40 minute conversation with a beautiful Latina woman anywhere in the world! Learn more – Spanish Translation Services.

Email Service

Amor De Cartagena is the only Latin dating service that offers a customer service and technical support with its e-mail service. As you may know by now or already experienced, there is no perfect science with regard to e-mail corresponding, but at Amor De Cartagena we make a diligent effort to scrutinize the general errors that are commonly associated with this sometimes complicated and frustrating process. First we believe in being proactive. The e-mail process starts with "intake", when a young lady joins our agency she must type her own email address in to our computer system for accuracy, also she must disclose to us her telephone contact information and residence, that in the event her e-mail address is wrong, we can contact her again and update or replace her nonworking e-mail address. Likewise if the e-mail does not work we have 24 Hour live telephone and e-mail customer service with tech support. Sometimes when corresponding you don’t get the response you hoped for, you can e-mail the young ladies e-mail address to a "communication specialist" and they will call her free of charge and attempt to stimulate a response. Amor De Cartagena’s e-mail policy for failed e-mails exclusively states that if an e-mail does not properly work, we will make every effort to repair, replace or refund at the customers discretion. Learn more – Email Services.

Latin Women and Visas

The Latin women visa page answers seven frequently asked questions about dating and marrying Latina women and the fiancé visa process. Narrated by Mark Anthony the 51 year old retired auto worker and agency owner of Amor De Cartagena that resides in both Cartagena Colombia and Ohio. In his dissertation he gives his own colorful perspective and view point from an agency owners perspective relying on his many years of South American travel, dwelling, vocation and experience as an agency owner/ matchmaker as his primary resource of information. In his dogmatism he candidly addresses controversial questions regarding, stereotypes, conjectures, half truths and myths held about the dating/ marrying Latina experience, he also addresses the cultural demographics associated with South America and cultural diversity issues.” The good", "The bad", and "The ugly"! this gritty and thought provoking report by Mark Anthony makes an earnest attempt to be candid and bring his audience to an epiphany about various popular subjects regarding Latin women, he not only discusses the positive virtues and attributes about Latina wives, but reveals the negative aspects and connotations that are associated with Latin culture and women as well. The intent is to illuminate his readers and clients mind so that they might gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding about these beautiful and exotic women and South American culture as it relates to American cultured men seeking for relationships or marriage with Latinas. Learn more – Latin Woman Visas.

We look forward to hearing from you and making your Colombian dating experience special.

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Latin Brides   Latin Brides   Latin Brides   Latin Brides   Latin Brides
Latin Brides   Latin Brides

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